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Rock Creek Firearm Restorations, Period Restorations For Antique Guns

Rock Creek Armory


E-Mail : ken@rockcreekarmory.com

Complete Pistol/Rifle Restoration

At Rock Creek we use special bluing processes to achieve the best possible results.  Below is a sampling of our services for both metal and wood restoration. We do our work by hand, to give you the best possible finish.

Reblueing: Any combination of any of these finishes can be applied to a new or old gun. Likewise if you want to customize a firearm to your preferences in finish, that is no problem. Whatever the case may be, it's your firearm and I'll work with you to achieve what you want. I use rust blueing and offer it as a regular part of my services.Hot blueing is available for those who prefer it. It is an old Colt-type formula that gives a beautiful deep blue-black finish. Special metal finishes are available on request, such as fire-blueing on screws and pins, nitre-blueing on small parts, nickle plating, glass bead blasting, and more. It is only fair to mention that with older guns with excessive rust, some deep pitting may remain.

Woodwork:  Wood restoration or replacement is available for any rifle, shotgun, or handgun. This can be factory "field grade" replacement or, you can choose to upgrade the wood to any level of your liking. All factory checkering patterns can be replaced or re-cut, or you can choose a custom pattern. I also make custom grips for revolvers and pistols, to your specifications. Wood finishes can be either factory original or a high luster finish to showcase finely figured wood. My standard finish is a  hand-rubbed satin oil finish.

Please call or email for prices.

Found in old pick-up being hauled to crusher
Made in 1899, it hung over fireplace for 50 years
Rust-blued, refinished,restored to shooting condition
Hot-blued, refinished, restored to shooting condition
Model 1895 Winchester in .405 Win.
Same 1895, closer
Hot-blued, new stock and buttplate, refinished
Same 1895, closer

  • Blueing
 Rust or Hot Blue on most rifles and single-shot shotguns  $200 and up
 Rust or Hot  Blue on handguns  $200 and up 
 Rust or Hot Blue on double barrel and pump shotguns  $200
Hot Blue and Rust Blue combination on post'64 Winchester 94s  $300

Wood Refinishing

 Re-finish stock and forearm (oil)   $125
 Re-finish one-piece stock   $125      
 Re-cut checkering per panel   $75
 Remove oil from stock and/or forearm  $50
 Repair wood - Quote after inspection

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