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Rock Creek Armory 


Lewisburg, Tennessee

E-Mail: ken@rockcreekarmory.com


  • Minimum Charge - $20
  • Hand tool labor - $50 hour
  • Machine tool labor - $70 hour
  • Home of Cowboy Action Shooting Gunsmith, specializing in the needs and wants of the cowboy shooter from complete restoration and repairs on almost any firearm that you own.Other services available on request, such as forcing cone work, sight packages, back-boring, choke reduction, leather lever wraps, etc.


    Pistol Action Job

    Colt, Colt Clones( EMF,Cimarron,Taylor's,Uberti,Pietta,Taurus), Ruger,Schofields


    Deluxe Action Job
    Hand stone and polish action, lighten trigger pull, correct timing, hone cylinders for smooth extraction, polish base pin and cylinder bushing, check for end shake and headspace, respring



    While the action and barrel may be the heart of a  rifle, the trigger is the connection between the rifle and the shooter.  A poor trigger pull and excessive pull weight only serve to handicap the shooter's ability as well as the rifle's accuracy!


    Rifle Action Job

    Henry 1860,Winchester 1866-1873-1892-1894,Rossi '92, Marlin 1894-1895, Chiappas


    Deluxe Action Job
    Hand stone and polish the action and trigger, lighten latching, smooth the carrier and bolt, and decrease loading resistance.Sight packages are available on request. 



    Shot Gun Action Job

    Winchester 1897 and Reproductions,               All Side-by-Sides


    Deluxe Action Job
    Hand stone and polish the internal mechanisms for smoother cycling or easier  action, hone cylinders, lighten trigger, check for headspace and lock up, smooth ejectors or extractors

     $150 Double